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There are 4 models that make up the Panasonic KX-TDA Series IP PBX

The KX-TDA Series - Alive and Well.

Panasonic has long been recognized as a leading manufacturer of innovative telecommunication systems for a worldwide market. Panasonic systems are easy to use, great looking and can now be upgraded remotely.

It only takes minutes

If you are trying to determine which system is best for your application, it only takes minutes. We now have IP Based PBX systems for every need and application. We start with the the TDA Series that you're looking at here. Altghough the TDA seies is classified as an IP PBX, it's important to know that 3 out of the 4 models have been upgraded to new processors and at the same time, renamed "KX-TDE" series. The KX-TDA50G has not been and will not be upgraded.

The primary advantage of the TDE over the TDA is the way in which it handles IP, with a huge emphasis on SIP Trunking and SIP Endpoint Extensions.

Use the links on the left to explore the four (4) TDA series PBXs. Once you have narrowed your search, simply locate and contact a Panasonic IP Certified Dealer in your area.

How and where to Purchase

The KX-TDA Series and KX-TDE Series are models sold only by Panasonic Certified Dealers. They must be registered and require activation keys that can only be provided by a Panasonic Certified Dealer in good standing. These systems are not available directly from Panasonic, nor will Panasonic activate the system for you. Only dealers that have successfully completed the KX-TDA Technical Training course, have a valid KX-TDA certification number and meet strict requirements outlined by Panasonic can activate these systems. Only dealers that have successfully completed the KX-TDE Technical Training course, have a valid KX-TDE certification number and meet the yearly purchase requirements outlined by Panasonic can upgrade TDA systems to TDE. To find Panasonic Certified Dealers worldwide or in your specific area go to

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